Some people enjoy creating content for their websites themselves. I can completely understand the feeling of this. Your website is your baby which you love and care for and want to help grow. You are nervous about letting others work on it and I completely understand that feeling. For anyone out there who has a child you understand how this feels. After all, nobody is going to put more time and effort into your website than you will. You can create exactly what you want and make all the changes you want. However, their are a few reasons why you should outsource article writing at times. «The obvious reason is so you save time by allowing others to work on articles while you focus on the more challenging tasks, such as design and marketing» – said Alex, an essay and content writer at PaperLeaf from Canada – service that helps students with their papers.

Now that reason was an obvious one but, the another reason that many people do not think of is that it creates a new writing style for your page. Every person has a unique writing style. If you sit down and read a hundred different articles you will find that they all will have unique sounds and flow in different patterns. Writing styles are different based upon how you learned to write sentences and the vocabulary you use in your daily language. I would bet if you sit down and read all the articles on your site you will find that they have similar styles. If you outsource an article and have it written by a different person you will notice that it will look different. It is  not that you will have an alternative meaning in you article from a different authors. It is more likely that other people may express the same ideas using different with varied sayings and terms. By allowing other to write for your website you will find that your site will have varied writing styles published. This offers readers multiple points of views and makes your own site appear more professional.

Does Article Spinning Work?

Articles on the internet all need to have a targeted audience, purpose, and a goal. Once you write or find that perfect article for your site it can become tempting to use that same article in many different places around the web. However, do not fall to this temptation because the second you start posting duplicate content you will see your credibility go down. In fact if you do this often you could even see your website drop in the rankings or disappear from the search engines completely. Your article still offers information to your targeted audience with a clear goal. The purpose is the exact same so why is your work automatically discredited?

A saying exists that says, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. Well the internet is full of great websites full of information with people trying to help. Sadly, you will find many sites that are just trying to rank on the top to sell a crappy product without actually offering any service or even helping people. These people will often find articles and repost them word for word. First off, these are often plagiarized and stolen from hard working people. Secondly, this is often done to add new content to a website with bare minimal work. These people have have put a bad name in “internet marketing”. The question of how to legitimately re post a quality article without appearing like a cheap scam artist still exists.

You can spin an article but, many people use article spinners that will supposedly do all the work on its own. This is a quick way to rewrite articles but, the best computer software is unable to match the creativity and literature of the human mind. These automatic spinning software programs rewrite by replacing words with other words of similar meaning. However, this often turns out poor work with sentences that are nearly impossible to read. I am a full supporter of article spinning but, it must be done by hand and not by any program. I have personally spun many of my own articles before to create new works that offer everything but, at the same time are not straight copy and paste. This is perfectly legitimate. In fact you can often outsource your work to have it done by others for a couple dollars. I often use iWriter to get my articles spun by professionals for under two dollars. My favorite part is that I get to read over all the work and choose to either pay for it or not. If the article is not written to my standards then I simply do not accept the work and reject it. If this sounds intereting then go ahead and check out and make a decision for yourself.