Nordfjord Havn

Nordfjord Havn IKS manages sea areas on behalf of 3 municipalities in Nordfjord – Kinn (previously Vaagsoy), Stryn and Gloppen.

Nordfjord Havn IKS coordinates callings and facilitate the traffic in the respective ports and has a 24 hour on-call duty so that the boat traffic at all times can contact the port for assistance.

Nordfjord Havn IKS manages and operates the entire infrastructure in the respective ports and also has a duty to keep statistics of commodities and the flow of goods from the quay in Nordfjord. This is registered and reported to the relevant authorities.


Furthest out in Nordfjord is the location of the port of Måløy, which is recognised as Norway’s fourth largest fishery port. 210,000 tonnes of fish arrived in Måløy in 2016.  The port bear evidence of the long tradition in fishery and many of the companies in Måløy operate in the maritime and marine industry. A large percentage of the ports of calls in Måløy consist of fishing and freight vessels.

Nordfjord Port is a member of the Måløy Maritime Group, which is an association of 17 companies that operate in the maritime industry, including the supplier industry that provides all types of services for the fishing fleet.


The municipality of Stryn and the cruise port OldenLoen are located in the innermost part of Nordfjord. OldenLoen is Norway’s seventh largest cruise destination in Norway with approx.
100 calls by cruise ships from around the world each year. In 2017 360,000 people visited Nordfjord from a cruise ship that was docked in Olden or Loen.

New for the year 2017 was the opening of the tender quay in Loen, right below the reception area of Loen Skylift. So far xx number of boats have used the tender quay, which allows for several boats to reach inner Nordfjord simultaneously without it being cramped.


Gloppen is a municipality with a lot of activity in agriculture and the sea-related activity in Gloppen therefore to a large extent consists of grain feed deliveries to the farmers in the area. But there are also other industries that generate activity on the quay, such as the shipping of rocks from quarries and from the timber industry in the area. In addition to this, arrangements have been made for cruise calls in Gloppen with an anchoring position with a tender solution for cruise ships.