OldenLoen – Raw wilderness made accessible

OldenLoen is one of Norway’s most popular cruise destinations with approx.
100 calls by cruise ships every year.

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Nordfjord Port coordinates and manages this activity that constitutes a major tourist industry in Nordfjord. Popular tourist destionations such as Briksdalsbreen, Loen Skylift, Kjenndalsbreen and many other excursions draw cruise passengers from all over the world to the inner Nordfjord and in 2017 there were 141,000 visitors from cruise traffic.

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New for 2017 is the tender location in Loen where Nordfjord Port has facilitated the calling of vessels with a tender quay that is located below the reception area of Loen Skylift.

This allows for receiving more ships simultaneously without the area becoming overcrowded and a better service can be provided for everyone who arrives in Nordfjord by cruise boat.