Fishery has been and still is a major industry in Nordfjord, in particular in the outer Nordfjord. The port of Måløy is perfectly located on the north-southbound shipping lane along the Norwegian coast. The harbour basin is well protected from the wind and weather as well as the open ocean outside.
Photo: Nordfjord Havn
The port of Måløy consists of 1.5 km of quays that are available for the fishing fleet and Måløy is still the fourth largest fishing port in Norway and receives 210,000 tonnes of fish a year (numbers for 2016).

Some portion of fishings offer is that it is open to all ages and each wallet. Any youth with a stick, string, and snare, and some wriggly worms for trap, can attempt his or her karma in the neighborhood stream or lake. Genuine anglers, then again, can undoubtedly put a huge number of dollars in vessels and particular angling gear with which to seek after their preferred sort of angling. Most game angling is finished with a pole, reel, line, snares, and a wide assortment of goads and baits. Getting fish with a snare is known as calculating, and anglers are frequently called fishermen. Saltwater fishermen have a great explanation essay on how they have fish from wharfs and docks, in the surf along the shoreline, on shallow saltwater pads, and in the vast sea for species running from the foot-since quite a while ago spotted ocean trout to goliath fish and marlin that can top 1,000 pounds. Freshwater fishermen drop their lines from shore, pontoons, extensions, and docks in quest for such examples as bass, trout, salmon, and catfish. Anglers additionally can pick among many angling “applications” (PC programming applications) for cell phones that empower fishermen to log indispensable data about their gets and stay up with the latest on climate, tides, fish nourishing occasions, water security, and the best places to get certain fish. The individuals who can’t get enough angling on the water can sharpen their aptitudes with a large group of angling related computer games. In like manner, the Internet is inundated with sites committed to each possible kind of angling, where fishermen can become familiar with the most recent tips and strategies and visit with individual devotees around the nation and the world.

Måløy is built on the fishery and the importance of ensuring that the fishing boats return quickly to the sea after unloading and service is something everyone is aware of. Efficiency and good service is therefore something that is emphasised in Måløy. The distinctive feature of Måløy as a fishing port is that there are service facilities for the fishing fleet that are available 24 hours a day.