Fishery has been and still is a major industry in Nordfjord, in particular in the outer Nordfjord. The port of Måløy is perfectly located on the north-southbound shipping lane along the Norwegian coast. The harbour basin is well protected from the wind and weather as well as the open ocean outside.
Photo: Nordfjord Havn
The port of Måløy consists of 1.5 km of quays that are available for the fishing fleet and Måløy is still the fourth largest fishing port in Norway and receives 210,000 tonnes of fish a year (numbers for 2016).

Måløy is built on the fishery and the importance of ensuring that the fishing boats return quickly to the sea after unloading and service is something everyone is aware of. Efficiency and good service is therefore something that is emphasised in Måløy. The distinctive feature of Måløy as a fishing port is that there are service facilities for the fishing fleet that are available 24 hours a day.