“It`s beautiful her and well designed for motorhomes» says Dag and Liv Torgersen, who came to Måløy on Sunday.

“We have been om motorhome trips around Europe and Northern Norway for the last 8 years, but this year it is the West Country. The tour started from Bjorkelangen in Aurskog-Holand and over Hardangervidda. Yesterday we had a stop in Førde and now two days in Måløy”

What was the reason you chose Måløy and was it easy to find?

“We have heard a lot about Måløy and not at least because we have some people we know in this area. They have boasted about this place and rightly so. It was a bit of a mess with the GPS her at the end as there were several round trips into the city center and back to the bridge before we found the parking, but otherwise things have gone perfectly fine.”

They tell us they are going to visit Kannesteinen and Kråkenes lighthouse before the trip goes on to Runde and the Atlantic Road on Tuesday.

We wish them a nice trip.